2 years after

📅 25 Apr 01:00 UTC

Virtual Dinner Party 🎈 - Felicia's Virtual Dinner Party
w/ Felicia Horowitz, Van Jones, Thomas Jakes, Ben Horowitz, MC HAMMER, Judy Smith, Nait Jones, Gayle, Fab 5 Freddy, Alice Johnson, Shaka Senghor, BENYAM, Dr. Frank A Thomas, Kindra Mason
In today’s society, ideas are no longer valued by how long they last, but by how much reach they garner on social media. Often the craziest ideas get the most “retweets.” What does that mean and how do we stop it? This is a moment of transition and transformative thinking! The mic is being passed. Don’t drop it! Joining the Virtual Dinner Party on Saturday, April 24th at 5:00 pm To discuss his new book “Don’t Drop The Mic” will be Bishop TD Jakes and Gayle King.