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📅 12 Apr 23:30 UTC

DeFi, NFTs, and how the Community will change Media - The Open Metaverse 🌐
w/ Cary Granat, Ryan Gill, Meg Miele, James Wines, Serge Pustelnik, Jeremy Ungar, Alex Lubetsky, Edward Jones, Daniel Roberts, Rebecca Macieira-Kaufmann, Faraz Mehmood
Cary Granat is a pioneer in the entertainment industry with over 58 films and $5.8 billion in box office revenues with a track record for creating new business models in 3D cinema, global film production and education.   As CEO of Walden Media he and James Cameron led R&D for completely new technology innovation used in films like Avatar and Cirque du Soleil 3D: Worlds Away. Now Cary runs Immersive Artistry, which harnesses web3 innovation like NFTs and DeFi to create a new immersive and community-driven future for entertainment. Having recently raised $40M to execute the vision with Starport. Join us to recognize the power of community investing in media.