2 years after

📅 21 Apr 23:45 UTC

Future of Self Leadership - Wisdom Emerging - W.E.
w/ Michael Liskin, Samantha Sweetwater, Ali Katz, Alanja Forsberg, Arthur Levitan, Nicholas Joyce, Judith Pentz
Alanja Forsberg has created new methods to find self-leadership that provides freedom. Her work can be found here: www.avalondharma.com. Have you seen leaders or friends whose personal issues have gotten in the way of their lives, good communication, and/or the potential of their organization? The impact is often high. Knowing thyself is foundational to leading others. Please join us for a discussion on the future of surrendered self-leadership (or- according to Alanja-is it leader-sh*t?); come find new ways of healing for yourself and your life.