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📅 02 Apr 23:30 UTC

Culturing Solutions: what’s Your Earth shot - Planet Home
w/ Antony randall, Nicole Patrice De Member, Danni Washington, Jeremy McKane, Gabrielle Hull, Dianna Cohen, Kunal Sood, Kate Gardiner
Welcome to Planet Home Club, a place to discover and experience a way of living better. Every week, we gather to discuss how we can change the way we Eat, Make, Move, and Live to make a positive impact on the planet we all call home. We explore different environmental challenges, collaborate on solutions, and discuss how we can take action. Our goal is to tackle challenges from different angles, so we bring together experts, scientists, business leaders, creatives, and anyone who shares our passion for the planet. If you haven’t joined the Planet Home Club please do! We would love to have you join our community of Solutionists. If you want to create with us, https://planethome.eco/create-with-us/ SESSION THEME This week in our Solutionist Series, we’re tackling the art of science communication. How do we leverage art and media to communicate important messages and inspire action? Our panel of Solutionists will discuss the consequences of not telling the whole story and why it’s more important than ever for us to unite around the challenges that face our planet. Part 1: Challenge of Communications Danni Washington will be joined by Jason Russell (Director of Kony 2012) and Kate Gardiner (industry expert on communications around global crises, PBS, Al Jazeera, Grey Horse) to discuss how global media campaigns can be used for good. The team will also tackle the challenges of media as a tool for communication, exploring how we can structure content to avoid misinformation and create balanced narratives. Part 2: Earthshots Danni Washington will then lead our weekly discussion on Earthshots. What are the solutions we’re implementing to make a positive impact on the planet? Dianna Cohen (CEO of Plastic Pollution Coalition) will join to discuss how the global movement is measurably reducing  plastic pollution and its toxic impact on human health, animal health, the ocean and waterways, and the environment. Audience members will then be invited up to share their ideas and answer, “What is your Earthshot?”