What’s up Roadie?

A club for all who work behind the scenes in live arts & entertainment. Roadies, Live Entertainment Pros, Lighting/Set/Costume Designers, Stage/Tour/Production/House Managers, FOH/Monitors, Backline Techs, & Arts Administrators. “What's Up Roadie, How You Doing?" (#WURHYD) Weekly discussion series for Live Entertainment Professionals about our experiences in the industry and it's effect on our Mental Health. Broadcasts live TUESDAYS @ 5p EST on Facebook.com/WURHYD ● WURHYD CH Recap Room: WEDNESDAYS @ 8p (EST) ● For more information and to view past discussions: ☞ YouTube: What's Up Roadie ☞ ☞ CONTACT (Noelle Jordan) [email protected]

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