Music Industry Blueprint Presents

Music Industry Blueprint Presents, was started by Rick Barker who was Taylor Swift’s Former Manager. Rick also created the Music Industry Blueprint Online Training and Coaching Program. You can learn more in his bio. This Club is run by a group of Entrepreneurs dedicated to helping creatives of all types build the most sustainable business’ possible, so they can ultimately have the career of their dreams. WE do this by teaching the fundamentals of business. As many of us serve in the Music Industry, we also run very successful online businesses, and many have scaled their business to over 7 Figures. Anyone hosting a room in this club has been hand selected because of their INTEGRITY and their SUCCESS. TOPICS we will cover and can provide value to our members are some of the following: * Music Business Setup * Songwriting * Production * Music Sync * Legal * Social Media Growth * Social Media Strategies and Tactics * Fan Engagement and Monetization * Entrepreneurship * Online Course Creation * Just to name a few… Join us Weekday Mornings at 9am CT for “Morning Motivation Power Hour” Please NOMINATE and INVITE anyone who can get value and bring value!

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