Black in Gaming

About Us Blacks in Gaming is a community dedicated to cultivating, supporting, and promoting black professionals in the game industry. We actively work on creating opportunities for Black people in the video game industry while also developing action plans to combat systemic institutionalized racism that manifests itself in unsafe spaces, microagressions and hidden discrimination in the workplace. Join us and Read More: Read more on Black in Gaming: Black in Gaming Facebook Group: Discord Invite Link: Why are you Necessary? African Americans are the most underrepresented demographic in the video game industry. We are 2% of the video game development community even though 81% of African Americans consider themselves game friendly over 71% of Caucasians. ​ What We Do? We create events, programs and workshops that help to bring some much needed attention to these communities. We host our annual BIG Awards show that recognizes the accomplishments of the amazing people who are already part of the industry. We have just announced The BIG Initiative which goes into great detail about what we can do to address the problems here.

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