One Kind Thing

“One Kind Thing" is all it takes to brighten the world! You don’t have to spend all day holding doors. And it’s hardly sanitary to carry everyone’s groceries these days...! 😄 But everyone can add one kind thing to their daily routine and together create a hurricane of kindness to crowd out the ugly! We’re here to elevate kindness and explore it from all angles: interviewing authors, experts + founders, putting forth super simple daily challenges and getting inspiration from our audience. You’ll leave the room happier! We always do. Join siblings Phoebe and Doug every morning (PT) for an upbeat and fun discussion of the habits that define us and how we can center ourselves in kindness to all… including the toughest cases — like our children, colleagues and ourselves! To become a member, please follow our club and co-hosts @phoebe and @dougie👇. ✨Email [email protected] to suggest co-hosts or collaborations and discuss themes + ideas for upcoming shows. Instagram: onekindthingclub✨

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