Naija House

Naija House is a community where: * Members can learn Igbo, Yoruba, Hausa, Edo (Bini), Tiv or just practice it with other speakers. No experience necessary! * Members can start their own rooms and connect with each other whether it’s for business connections or just personal relationships. * With over 10k members who are in Nigeria and in the Diaspora on Naija House there is plenty of conversations to be had. Fastest way to become a member is to be nominated by another current member of Naija House - otherwise follow for an invite request! After you receive a invite to join the club please accept immediately as we wipe the following list over 2.5k so we can make sure those who want to become members do. If you have questions - reach out to Onyekachi Amadi @nigeriangirl on CH and IG

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