D9 & Friends

Suggestions [email protected]. “Old Head KAZODIASS members welcomed with red cups per arrival!” A place where members of Black Greek Organizations and their friends/supporters can network and extend their respective organizational networks. PLEASE ADD YOUR SANDS/BROS/SORORS and FRIENDS. Alpha Phi Alpha🦍 Alpha Kappa Alpha 💚💓 Kappa Alpha Psi ♦️👌🏾 Omega Psi Phi ⚡️ Delta Sigma Theta🐘 Phi Beta Sigma 🔵⚪️ Zeta Phi Beta 🕊 Sigma Gamma Rho 🐩 Iota Phi Theta 🏹 It's a place to discuss volunteer work, corporate life, track homecomings and reminisce about days on the yard! D9 & Friends Scroll: bit.ly/CHD9Scroll D9 Foundations/Non Profits: https://bit.ly/D9giving Career Programs for Black and Brown Folks: https://bit.ly/32L7DSl

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