Too Broke For Therapy✍🏾

TOO BROKE FOR THERAPY✍🏾 Founded By: Trey Causley 🗣 Life can be hard especially when you don’t have anyone to keep it 💯 with you. This is a therapeutic club where we advocate for mental health amongst the CH community. In this support group you will find safe spaces where you are allowed to express & get it whatever it is off your chest🗣. 👥This group is filled with therapists, psychiatrists, life coaches, dating coaches, yoga instructors, musicians, and social workers. We STRONGLY encourage members who are in need of help to contact and connect with a real professional for help. 🌐All members of the club have the right to create spaces and host rooms with intentional and respectful conversations in order to circulate viewpoints and release whatever is bothering the collective. 🫂Respect the house rules: 🚫DO NOT talk over each other 🚫DO NOT demonize a perspective 📢Converse to understand🧠, not to react🔊 📢Good COMMUNICATION🗯 creates a better COMMUNITY. This is your time⏲ to vent😤 🔔 To be accepted into this club click the “Follow” button 🚸Nominate 5 people you think will be great for this group as well. Quality > Quantity. Click the ➕👤 icon above to invite them in. ✳️ Want to Host Rooms on TBFT✍🏾?? 1️⃣ Follow “Trey Causley” so he can give you a membership invite 2️⃣ DM him on Instagram @Trey_Cause with room intentions and description 🛄 Product, service, or brand promotion?? 📧: [email protected]

6 months after

Holding Space for mothers of color👸🏽 who experienced trauma - Too Broke For Therapy✍🏾
📅 08 Apr 20:00 UTC

w/ Cara Williams, Niketa Misco, Mahita El Bacha Urieta

We are mothers of color holding space for other mothers of color to share stories of trauma and heal...