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Wall Street Journal bestselling author of The Alter Ego Effect. Over the past 23 years my peak performance & leadership programs have served over 2.5 Million people. I’ve built a handful of companies. A few I’ve sold. Basically, I Write. I Build. I Coach. I Speak. ==My World== 📈 Creator 90 Day Year - $1.4B in business growth for over 125k small businesses. [Below $3M in business? This performance system will help you get the right things done.] 📘 WSJ Bestselling Author, The Alter Ego Effect (NFL just did a documentary on my work.) 🎯 Coach to NBA, NFL, NHL, PGA, & CEOs on the topics of performance, strategy, mindset, and execution. [Limited private mentoring.] 🚀 Co-Founder,, helping coaching businesses scale with better delivery, organization, and client management. 🏆 Started, The Peak Athlete, the largest sports performance training company in 1997. (Real Madrid, NY Rangers, Danish Olympic Team, and 1000’s more served.) 🎤 Speaker 700+ Events around the world. 🎥 Featured On: PBS, TODAY Show, CBS Sports, NFL, ESPN, INC. 500 CEO, HBR, & many more. ==Topics I Talk About== Mindset, Strategic Thinking, Mental Toughness, Coaching, Leadership, Peak Performance, Focus, Growth, Mental Health, Brain Science, Conflict Management, Habits, and building Thought Leadership. I’m widely known as the ‘Alter Ego Guy’ after building out the performance personas for thousands of athletes, leaders, and an international best-selling book. ==Personal Details== 🏠 Live in NYC. 💍 Married to @val_herman1 👧👧👦 Dad to 2 girls and 1 boy. 🎸Horrible guitar player. Click My Instagram Link Below, And Grab Resources To Help Lead A Peak Performing Business or Life. Let’s Connect!
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Manifesting Your Superpowers with Swagger - The Swagger Collective
📅 22 Mar 21:00 UTC

w/ Leslie Ehm, Jeff Gibbard, Todd Herman

We all have a superhero inside us waiting to be unleashed! Join me & Todd Herman, bestselling au...